Fytini is a greek DIY label, interested in the production of queer, performative, experimental and theatrical music alongside sound in hybritic media cultures.

These are the five pillars of our modus operandi:

messtheticsWe are interested in the stylistic destabilisation of the dominant ‘alternative music’ of Greece, which we find cliche and unadventurous. Thus the area within which we move is around: DIY/messthetics, various strands of spoken-word and poetry, experimental dadaism, abstract post-punk, anything related to meta/anti-art, neo-cabaret/burlesque, collage, avant-pop, non serious ‘serious music’, the point at which music and performance art meet and in general whatever is conceptually complex. queerWe believe that the creative world is another space of social competition. Recognising that particular voices and narratives monopolise and dominate public space/dialogue, we are interested in the highlighting of marginal subjectivities that bring up other perspectives and relate to the creative process in different ways. Inspired by feminist and queer communities/ theories, we try to create a space where voices silenced by the majority find ways to communicate their work. freeWe believe in the free, digital distribution music and all FYTINI releases can be downloaded for free from our site. However, at the same time we recognise the importance in some cases of the extension of the musical work to something physical (vinyl, CD, tape, flowerpot etc) and will liaise with artists, so that the best possible presentation of the work reaches the audience. tsoliWe are familiar with the dangers and trappings of the spectacle with which we have a primarily hate, occasionally love relationship. Our way of dealing with and against the complexities of the spectacle is by positioning humour and deconstruction as antipodes to both hipsterism, as well as over-seriousness. non-profitWe despise the politics of the mediator and we are not a record label of the old kind. We are just a space for communication and the sharing of work that we consider important. The whole project moves voluntarily and is not interested in profit.