Older projects by Alex C:

Alex C

Most Fytini friends know Alex C and they know him very well; he has offered them the most hysteria-inducing gigs of their lives. After a three year absence, he pops back to make you pop. A performance artist pretending to be a singer, Alex C first emerged after December ’08 and with his cover versions of Lady Gaga songs, he offered a thirsty public the pop star that they needed.

For his Fytini return, Alex will present the POP MOLOTOV album, through which he comes to express his desire for a pop project that is aggressive, uncomfortable and shocking, a pop that completely disconnects the element of rebellion from its masculine, over-serious features, and places it in the center of the experience of the other, the hysterical, the excessive, the one traditionally placed outside the field of political action. POP MOLOTOV explodes in the face of calm masculinity and healthy logic; and through the flames arise hysterical sisters, toxic femininities and angry sensitivities. The erotic, the aesthetic, the political, the horny, the dangerous and the lighthearted are dissolved shred by shred, through a performance art that is easily swallowed and difficultly digested.