Alexandros Drosos

Alexandros Drosos (dew) – a child of conservatories!
Fortunately, FYTINI has the unique ability to appear unexpectedly in the most unlikely places. One morning in January for the first time ever a pond of FYTINI vegetable spread appeared at the headquarters of a magnificent conservatory somewhere in Northern Europe. Various scandalized ladidahs exclaimed ‘tragedy!’ as Alexandros Drosos slided slowly in the moving liquid mass. In the very last moment, he grabbed an adjacent marimba, but the slimy damage had already been done. Weeks went by and it had become certain that his compositions were unlike any of the homeworks of his classmates.
After blows and blows of trash, experimental circuses and generally a collision between serious music and a somewhat nonserious mood continued to haunt his days. His friends who were also a little tired with conservatory norms but still interested in complexity in music, secretly rejoiced with the new-found illness of their beloved friend.
A first sample of post-tonal disease, the FYTA/Drosos collaboration “Listen”, was released in 2013, a work loved by former Miss Greece Jenny Balatsinou amongst others. The second, cathartic experiment comes in 2015 – a daring and treacherous feat, as – during its creation – various accidents and disasters have shown us that when one plays with serious music, one should expect serious consequences for their actions. In early 2016 he presented ‘Baby Ostinato’, an arrangement of Simeon Ten Holt’s ‘Canto Ostinato’ for toy instruments. 

“Listen”, an older collaboration with FYTA here: fyta.bandcamp.com/album/listen