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Frantic Aerostat

Frantic Aerostat (Odysseas Grammatikakis) attempts since 2008 approximately to explore the boundaries between real sounds, free improvisation and electronic postproduction. A primary aim here is that sounds emerge gradually and organically, without predetermined rules existing, but at the same time with an inclination towards the finalisation of a formal structure. The line where traditional song-writing finishes and sound art begins is blurry. Perhaps we have a case of personal diary-esque field recordings.

In this way, the usual equipment FA carries in his concerts consists of: 2 guitars, 2 mics, 3 pedals, 1 mixer, lots of A4 sheets, 1 bottle, 1 radiator pipe, 3-4 books, 1 shaker, 1 harmonica, 1 bow, 1 packet of rizlas, 1 deck of cards, 1 metal cigar box and (indispensably!) at least 1 shoe brush.

In December 2014 he released his record ‘still life in improvisation’