Older ‘Kasetina’ projects here: http://kasetina.bandcamp.com/


Kasetina began its freakish course three years ago. Initially a project aiming to reconstruct the nostalgic childhood fragments and teenage memories of the participants, the first Kasetina was an attempt to re-appropriate innocent pop moments of the 80s and the second an attempt to reclaim emblematic greek punk songs. With the third Kasetina, the concept opens up and the memories of television jingles become the canvas for more open forms of experimentation.

The fourth Casettina is released by Fytini and grapples with a terra incognita of greek contemporary culture: “skyladiko”, low brow music popularised in bouzouki joints and bearing cultural signifiers such as plate breaking and flower throwing.The element of nostalgia gives way to bewilderement and awe as the cultural strategy of reclamation wounds itself into a puzzle. Which parts of these songs do we/should we re-appropriate? How can we do it without tumbling into mere postmodern frivolities? With a psychoanalytic manoeuvre, the Kasetina’s choose to confront these songs in their ‘natural’ habitat: the body. “Skyladiko” thus becomes a ritual confrontation with a ‘physical’ reality, a mixture of dark desires and unconscious drives.

“A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments” (the title of this three-part project) addresses three major ladies of the “Skyladiko”. These ladies, in all their fur-roque aesthetic glory dominated two decades of pseudo-socialistic decadence; and as the High Priestesses they were, they correctly foretold the inevitable Fall that was to come.