Kharálampos Goyós

FYTINI is ecstatic to have in its company the postmodern masterchef and architect of Tsoliopera, an operatic genre of doom that we believe will flourish in Greece in the 21st century. In the stone age of the EU Memorandum, Tsoliopera operates as a vehicle of militant propaganda against the status quo while offering moments of respite and reflection to the overworked proletariat. Goyós, similar to other big personas before his time (Pablo Picasso, Miles Davis, Chrisiida Dimoulidou etc) experiments with any kind of theme and technique. He jumps between harmonic successions as easily as swapping shirts and avoids standardised mannerisms like dracula avoids garlic.

Our first contact with the work of Goyós was in October 2013 when at the invitation of FYTA he presented together with the Beggars Operas the interactive spectacle “New Hellas (the making of)” in the context of the Biennale AB4 and in front of a speechless audience. A dystopian and difficult piece, where the bombastic lyricism of Wagner and the Greek bouzouki-joint nadir interchanged back and forth with one overall main aim: the final disjointing of the concept of Hellenism. Considering ourselves politically accountable, we decided to include in FYTINI some examples of Tsoliopera aiming at the spiritual awakening of our vegetable listeners and so in 2014 /15 we will present fresh recordings of ‘New Hellas’!