Metatheodosia is not just any singer. As the name indicates, she is a meta-singer. A persona that springs from the depths of the collective unconscious, changing forms depending sometimes on the wishes of the public, but more often as a result of its worst fears.

Metatheodosia’s roots are deep into the dysfunctionality of Greek reality. Her voice can be heard sometimes through skylights of Greek households, kitchens and housework processes and other times in alternative bars, the subway, the office, public space. She camouflages herself successfully into a scheming housewife, a meta-diva or even an innocent young girl, offering the listener lavish doses of hysterical (over)identifications and other tragic stories.

Her first album (FTN 2014/15) introduces us to her unbearable world with a series of sound collages and songs full of metatheodosian temperament (always influenced by what D. Liani-Papandreou has introduced to literature as the ‘ unbearable lightness of being’). We invite you to visit this magical world, be amazed at its otherworldly landscapes and ultimately answer the pressing question: ‘Do Chinooks ever fall?’