Pokemon Poetry

“Could the Pokemon generation actually produce poetry?” was a pressing question at the last conference of the philological society “pure conceit”. In 2014, FTN asked a group of specialists with the code name POKEDEX to explore this question beyond any bias and above any previous schemes of understanding poetic creation.

For the completion of this target, POKEDEX used a series of interviews with young kids, teenagers and adults that grew up in the pedagogical arms of Pokemons. In order to text the existence or non-existence of a poetic vein/talent, they used as incentives various classic types of poetic expression, for example lyrical verses, melodramatic narrativity, as well as the lieder of Franz Schubert.

In the weeks that followed, it soon became obvious that forms of the poetic universe of the past could fairly easily be bridged with the technological, apparently vacuous emotional world of the pokemons. Inside the autistic electronic environment of Satoshi Tajiri (creator of pokemons), dark verses, libretos and other emotional creative elations started emerging.