Ta Troktika (The Rodents)

This is perhaps the band with most haters in the avant-pop greek music scene. Everything started with the first earthly appearance (rising?) of the Virgin Mary of Rats. Toying with the idea of the divine female of early feminisms, but also with the dirtier post-human recomposition of femininity through queer and deconstructive prisms, Virgin Mary of Rats defines a new moment of post-religious zeal. On the one side stand all her children, the Rodents around the world, queers, girls and outsider types gnawing various types of normative behaviour and on the other side are the cats that eternally work on silencing her voice. The Rodents are as it were not just the band, but the medium of a discourse of those that decide to participate in their cult.

Within this schema, the Troktika project questions or at least plays around with various ways in which the relationship between the creative subject and the audience is formulated, particularly in a pop music context. Thus, using on the one had the typical deification of the artist on stage and on the other hand communicating feminist and queer political positions (that clearly question various invisible power relations), this project creates an arena for an ecstatic exploration of those contradictions. The Rodents prioritise the body and its politics, they celebrate, they get angry and (sometimes) they forgive, but they never apologise.