34es (Tritotetartes) is an avant-drag post-punk performance collective operating between Katerini (the greek capital of drag),Athens and London. Their work combines religious iconography, greekness, fashion, identity, classical singing etc.
Smaragda Karaianidou, mpj Aposmini, Xena Hyssea (best friends, all with moon in Scorpio) and many other fellow 34es warriors fight for the total destruction of first and second rate bitches (34es being proudly of the third and fourth rate as their name suggests). With help from plastic surgery, their love for arts and humanities, they strive to establish a new world order full of iridescent sequins and silicon.
After a series of historical performances in venues around the globe (including an infamous Athenian show that was disrupted by the police due to indecency accusations by scandalised members of the audience) it’s time that they launched in Fytini a music album presenting a series of songs that highlight the group’s politics, aesthetics, alongside the member’s personal biographies.