Molto Stuhl

Fuzzy German experimental minimal synth from the '80s , progenitor sounds of what would come a few decades later


Dark experimental electronics with ritualistic edges.


Dadaistic no-wave jazzy punk from Italy - Rome, 1981, their original name was Illogical Sound, released some material on tape.


French new wave project Cerbere released only one single in a DIY messthetics style in 1981 on the obscure Punk Records label.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs were an unusual band that surfaced on Crass Records with their single 'Beware' in 1982. Their music was very experimental, their lyrics were along the same lines as Crass, and they were the first of two American bands(they were based in San Francisco/New York) that had their singles released on Crass Records.


Sound that oscillates between a visceral rap and convulsive and hysterical and unconventional funk, with large concessions to jazzy solutions.


Italian post-punk no wave band formed in Prato in the early 80's.

Monofonic Orchestra

From minimal synth to italo-disco, with avant-garde elements and a specific taste for drum machines, Maurizio Marsico, the man behind Monofonic Orchestra, brilliantly crossed the tumultuous ocean of italian underground through the years, although he remained quite confidential outside of the italo-german axis.


Mutterfunk was an angular no wave new wave band in Dusseldorf in the early 1980s, consisting of Axel Grube and Ralph Albertini.