Delicassetten Machimenai

FYTINI grows rapidly through media networks. Network cables, networks of secret correspondence, telephone lines and other entangled states. At such a time of entanglement, Delicassetten Machimenai emerged. A duet of music education and meta-trash worship. In 2014 we present exclusively in FYTINI the fruit of this cross-border cooperation. We attach here an older entry intercepted from the logbook of Machimenai, illuminating for the first time the depths of the mysterious duo:

It all started with objections, which is somewhat inexplicable, as subjections should have preceded, but there are many things that remain unexplained allowing us to continue our lives (counter)normally, e.g. that our real parents are still to be seen on their spaceship, our pets refuse to talk to us, in our dreams we never manage to save the world even if the special effects are better than in Hollywood and we have contacts to the director, there is still so much that does not leave us cold, but we’re not sure exactly what we’re left with, that it’s better to make songs than trying to explain / be explained. Mr Delicassetten is in recent years to be found hanging around canals of the North in specially formulated anti-air gondolas with embedded plastic hoods and other accessories and is a Leo with Virgo ascendant which pisses him off a little because until recently he lived under the illusion that he had Libra rising. Responsible for the disclosure of this bitter truth is Ms Machimenai who prefers the fog and virtuosic surrealism of the old Albion. Although they hang out sometimes pretending to be others they maintain a strictly long-distance professional relationship, as Machimenai is an Aquarius with Taurus ascendant and is not to be approached a lot, but still remains impressed by the magic of skype. Also Delicassetten believes they will become famous because Machimenai said so and she is Cassandra (and the fact that you do not believe it demonstrates even more clearly that she is Cassandra). They are influenced by all sorts of types of things, but because they cannot agree on which, they will just say that they are charmed by post-trash, ambiguities, clichés and hit-singles.