Nanah Palm

The first release of FTN (April 2014) comes from an artist with a top secret identity. We took some time to gain the trust of Nanah Palm and then convince her to give us a series of rare recordings made ​​in various areas of the university hospital of Homerton where she works . Nanah is not an ordinary nurse and her presence in this hospital has mainly to do with her long-term investigation and research in places of high metaphysical activity in London. Her field investigations involve both scientific methodologies and recordings with sophisticated equipment, as well as poetic invocations and rhythmic rituals, which use elements of magic of all sorts of colour.

We would wish to draw attention here to the fact that the technological mysticism of Nanah causes fear and awe that is why the hearing of the disc ‘ Telepathy ‘ should be as careful as possible and away from small children and other vulnerable groups. We would also suggest that after each download a good cleansing of your hard disk with special software takes place.