The late 1970s / early 1980s were essentially the perfect time for forming an avant-pop band/project. The exaggerated (cl)aims of prog-rock were starting to fizzle out and there was a need to re-evaluate the immediacy of the shorter forms of pop music. The punk ethos suggested that advanced musicianship / music-theory knowledge was not a necessary ingredient for starting a band and opened the way for more DIY scenarios with many art students starting their own performative and dadaist music groups. Seemingly contradictory scenes as punk, disco, funk and industrial were all happening around the same time and art-pop bands did not shy away from digging into all these influences with a genuine curiosity to play around, rather than a calculated attempt to "be experimental". Technology-wise, the early 80s see the introduction of more affordable synthesizers and all of a sudden even lo-fi outsider musicians could own a small Roland drum machine. Bedrooms, garages, art studios were all spaces for rehearsing, recording and presenting this peculiar sonic hybrid.

This blog focuses on the most obscure and/or bizarre of these creative, anarchic post-punk bands.

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